Movie Idea

The Vienna Circle was a group of mathematicians, physicists, economists and philosophers alike who met to disscus epistemology and philosophy of science. This lead to a powerful movement called Logical Positivism which dispelled metaphysics, aesthetics and ethics from science as niether right nor wrong – of no value what so ever.

Based on the Vienna Circle, but taken well out of context and set in ancient Japan. A collection of yojimbo (bodygaurd), ninja, ronin (masterless samurai) and farmers – analog to the real members, who meet in secret to talk skeptically about spirituality. Portrayed as pro-industrial natural philosophers.

Imagine these guys discussing Hilbert's Decision Problem, Samurai comming to attack them, then them being a bunch of badass logic-ninja defending science!


5 thoughts on “Movie Idea

    • Ha! Hopefully people will click the link or google the term, didn’t want to go on about language and logic or types of truth cus it was only a passing thought whilst I was watching Twilight Samurai.

  1. I would watch that. Honestly.
    It would likely be weird as hell to watch and confounding at points maybe, but memorable and intriguing if made well enough.
    Hope you make it someday!

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