An Argument for a Possible God

This is a loose idea I’ve been mulling over for a few day, I thought I’d get it written down and share it. It’s less an argument for God and more an argument for how a God like the one who talks to Abram could intervene. It’s nothing solid, just a thought.

The Programmer’s Possibility
Consider two times: gTime (God’s) and nTime (Nature’s), we exist within the bounds of nTime but it does not affect God or his/her actions in any direct sense. Nature is a member data of God (a creation) and when God updates (exists in a temporal sense) then Nature also does. God exists within whatever gTime is, it could be a truth value, an incrementing numeric value like nTime or I personally like the idea of an oscillating series (i.e., Grandi’s).

Here we can start to see a possible way that God could intervene like most Abrahamics believe he/she can. Everytime God is updated, he/she is given the chance to alter Nature:

God.Update(g_GodTime, p_NaturalTime)
 ++g_GodTime; //global variable
 Choice change = GodWilling();

 Nature.Update(p_NaturalTime, change);

The change variable is used in a function to amend the historical path leading up to an occurring moment in nTime and it completes before nTime is incremented. So at, say, time D in Nature a person can make a choice (free will) but inbetween moment D and E God can edit D which will change C, B and A to adjust history. Like glitches in The Matrix.

Nature.Update(p_NaturalTime, change)
  ++p_NaturalTime; //private member of God

  //Account for free will:
  int soulCount = Nature.GetSouls();
  for(int i = 0; i < soulCount; ++i)

  //Account for the hand of God:

Also, if you haven’t already, check out my last theology post on the power of God.


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