About Me

This blog is mainly about mathematical and scientific interests I have. If I find something interesting I write about it, some examples are my posts on Gravitoelectromagnetism, Randomness and Diagrams of a Beardy Man.

I am a programmer so I often post about projects I’m working on or have put together, my main academic interest is AI and its relationship to natural science. An example of this would be genetic algorithms and evolution or artificial neural networks and their biological counterparts.

From time to time I post about religion/politics. I’m less interested in these but you guys seem to like them a lot as they get the most activity. Luckily my highest viewed posts have a sneaky bit of math in them – the trilogy of posts: Large Numbers, Infinities and God.


Welcome to my brain-space, there are no co-ordinates here.

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice to meet you too! I used to be a code-monkey. Except, I wasn’t very good at it. It’s like learning a whole new language, and they’re adding more and more onto it each day. Eh, I couldn’t keep up. But I did notice you have some political stuff on here. I’m game.

  2. Nice to meet you, too. I used to be a programmer but am now retired. Writing about politics and atheism is a new-found hobby. Thank you for subscribing and I hope you continue to enjoy.

    • Thanks, although I was a little overwelmed when I tried to write about infinity! Didn’t even mention Hilbert’s Hotel or the Continuum Hypothesis!

      I am suprised to find so many number theorists and mathematicians on wordpress, it’s excellent!

  3. Hi There!
    I’ve been reading your blog and it’s really interesting. I’m also interested in things like computer science theory, AI, games, physics and number theory. I also like coding, but I’m still in the middle of learning my first programming languages(Java and Python). Recently, I found your posts about infinity pretty interesting. I liked how talked about a lot of the ‘implications’ (for lack of a better word) of the concept of infinity!

  4. Thanks for the follow! I’m fairly new to WordPress as well. I am not much of a programmer myself (I am a big rock climber, though!), but I worked for a web design company recently and it definitely has sparked my interest. Can’t wait to see more from you.

  5. I am interested in these topics deeply. I wondered if anybody here is interested in guest blogging at http://www.scientificsense.com . It gets about 250 hits a day but growing. People may be getting bored by just my perspective. Especially interested in areas such as AI, physics, astronomy, computer science theory, neuroscience, theology and politics.

    Thanks very much. You can reach me at gilleapen@gmail.com

  6. Hello there. I write a blog on education–specifically engineering and scientific education. Not too many followers as yet because it is such a narrow subject but the writing is thought-provoking and keeps me off the streets. I will be a “frequent flyer” to your site. Keep up the good work.


    • Yeah I often find writing a post help me gather all my stray thoughts and tie them into a moderately neet bow!

      I’m quite interested by education and I’m very interested in most things science/technology so following you was bound to happen!

  7. You’ve Been Nominated
    Hi. I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. Not sure of the exact rules, who started it, or where to find the exact rules. I think you are supposed to nominate 15 other blogs when you accept (kind of like chain letter/pyramid type advertising) but I know I won’t be advertising that many). Anyway, it only serves to help promote your blog. For more info, check out the appropriate post at my site on :http://iiteeeestudents.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/very-inspiring-blog-nominations/

  8. I am trying to process a video (computer file saved) to see the ultraviolet images. This is a potential medical application to see a UV-induced fluorescence when doing a laparoscopy (visual scope placed into abdomen). Is there any suggestion as to how to filter or process either the images to see the UV spectrum. Thanks

    • UV-flourescence is usually pictured in visible light so I guess the best way to isolate or accentuate the fluorescence is to apply a colour palette (Colour look-up table). You’d have to ask a video-savvy person what software to use, I’m sure there’ll be one that allows palette maps. Or you could write one, OpenCV is a really good C++ API for video processing (I think there’s a Python OpenCV too).

      Is the video coming from a camera inside the body?

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