This is [Alpha version] software used for manipulating multi-spectral images. It will probably stay in alpha forever, but if people want to take from it or build on it – the code is here: https://bitbucket.org/NeuralOutlet/wavelengthpro

The primary use is merging multiple photographs – visible light images, infrared and ultraviolet images – and doing it in interesting ways. But also making the most out of any spectral information a camera records. Below is a video showing the tools and a list of the main features so far:

*The below links are from Mega and Chrome hates them*
Version 2.1: Download link – Latest Release (Windows), Latest Release (GNU/Linux)
Fixes: Saving no longer crashing in IRG Emulator.
Fixes: Many including adding Colour-Space Mixer (See here)
Version 1.2: Download link – Old Release (Windows)
Fixes: Many including adding proper Save functionality (See here)

  1. Channel MixerA much more versatile multispectral channel mixer.
  2. EmulatorsKodak EIR film, Orthochrome film, others to be added.
  3. Colour-Space Mixer – Mix together RGB, HSL, LAB, and many more.
  4. Dual ProcessingA technique for getting the most from UV shots.
  5. HSL MappingChose the hue from X, sat from Y & luma from Z!
  6. Purity Tool – Match pixel colour/chroma/hue with closest of a palette.
  7. Rainbow ExtractorPull specific hues to create a new image.
  8. Adjustments – Hue shift, brightness/contrast, invert, colour-balance.

1. Channel Mixer
So far I’ve just done a basic interface so there is a maximum of five possible channels and a minimum of one. Later I will add an advanced interface. For now it splits the loaded images are split into Red, Green, Blue and Vis components. There are two parts to the channel mixer function, one is false-colour (channel mapping), the other is pseudo-colour (intensity mapping).

Under the ‘False Colour’ tab you can choose the amount of channels you want to use in the ‘active channels’ value box then it sets a mapping template. A simple template would be 3to3 (R: channel1, G: channel2, B: channel3). Look here and here for posts showing examples of full spectrum maps. The image below is an EIR-Composite using WaveLengthPro:

Untitled2. Emulators

The initial reason I started making this program was to map IRG->RGB which is a great way to emulate old Kodak EIR film. It is very simple, take two images: one in infrared and one in visible light then put IR in the first channel, R in the second and G in the third. The above image is an IRG-Composite being made. In WavelengthPro you can extend this to an IRGB or even IRGBU map.

Digital EIR: Infrachrome’s Method
WLP2A fantastic single-shot method for emulation of Kodak EIR film was figured out by photographer Infrachrome. It uses a yellow filter to cut out blue light from the blue chanel, leaving only infrared, then extrapolates from there. WavelengthPro has a function that does this. It’s exactly the same as the Pixel Bender Toolkit version (IRG_V4B) except it can take larger images.

4. Dual Processing
WLP1Another use for it is making a 2to3 map of an ultraviolet image. Here we take the red and blue channels of a UV image and map them across three channels. The balance between the red part and the blue part is entirely up to you. It is a great technique to highlight the UV patterns on flowers. The green part of the Bayer filter passes the least UV light so you aren’t losing much. An example below shows A UV shot (straight from camera) and a Dual Processed version of the JPEG:

HQ Flower-uv HQ Flower-Dual Process 1

Although there is minimal light recorded in most UV shots, the Dual Processing tool allows you to add back in the green channel with a multiplier. I have found this can be useful for reflective highlights.


12 thoughts on “WavelengthPro

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  3. Hello, I tried to unzip and launch the programme ( downloaded with Windows version ).
    But I keep having an error message : “impossible to start the program because D3DCOMPILER_43.dll il missing”.
    Any clue ? Thanks a lot, software seems promising !

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  5. I’ve tried accessing the link thru Chrome & (yuck) explorer and the site will not scroll down to allow me to download your windows version. I’d really prefer to not install mega-whatever on my machine since I really don’t need it & it looks like a bit of a security risk.
    Is this the only way to get it? If it is, I will do it.
    Thank you for doing all this work & releasing it to the public. It looks like a great piece of software..

    • Yeah you shouldn’t need to download any Mega software so definitely don’t do that. I was able to click on the Mega link then “download through your browser” with Google Chrome, but maybe you system sees it as a dodgy link and doesn’t let you.

      Do you know of any good file hosting sites? If not I could email you the zip file.

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